6/1-15: Fresh Air

May 25th, 2016

breathing1Overview: June kicks off with an active New Moon in Gemini which includes a grand cross of planets in the four mutable signs (Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Sagittarius, Moon and Sun in Gemini, and Jupiter in Virgo). New information, new energy is circulating in our lives. Cultivate openness to outcomes, flexibility with your mindset, and double check the details if something feels off. The astrology in the sky is asking us to adapt and change our thinking, outlook, and attitude. Own your own process and see where it leads you.

6/1-2… June starts out with a strong desire to focus on our spiritual evolution. We may want to dissolve some beliefs that are no longer serving us. Be easy about it. Find new ways to be kind to yourself and accepting of your past.

6/3-4…New Moon in Gemini…One great way to utilize Gemini energy is to get curious and explore your options. As our breath brings new oxygen to our body, Gemini brings fresh thinking and perspective to any stuck/rigid places. This new moon is an especially good time to pay attention to how powerful and influential the stories we tell ourselves about our relationships can be. Experiment with a new storyline and see what shifts for you. With a grand cross of mutable energy, there will be a lot of energy and information swirling around. Don’t get swept up in the stories before double-checking the details. If you do feel overwhelmed or scattered, take a break and go outside, exercise, eat some food, whatever you can do to be grounded, in your body and in your own experience. We may need to remind ourselves that what other’s think of us is really none of our business, as we may be quick to jump to judgment or assumptions about what is going on on the surface of things when there is no way we can fully know all the context of another’s experience. Chose your conversations and sources of information wisely to help create a healing, compassionate storyline for everyone involved.

6/5-6…After the new moon, we are in the mood for comradery and conversation. Connect with like-minded souls to explore and connect.

6/7-8…Ramadan begins on 6/7, launching a month of fasting from sunset to sunrise for practicing Muslims. There are many aspects of spiritual fasting, one of which is being mindful of the kind of information we are absorbing outside of our self that informs how we feel and what we think about ourselves, others, the world, etc. If it feels good to you, give yourself permission to abstain from any news sources or conversations that don’t serve you. Or wait until later in the day to listen to the news if you don’t want to cut it out completely and watch how it changes your day and mood. Part of the final weeks of the Mars retrograde is realigning our personal energy to that which supports us in thriving and telling a powerful, healthy story about our energy and our path. Be purposeful about what information you absorb as it informs and impacts how we see ourselves and others.

6/9-10…We may need to think quickly on our feet about a situation. According to the peaceful martial art of Aikido, two of the main principles in conflict is first demonstrating victory over yourself and your impulses and second, becoming one with both sides of a situation. Remember these principles to avoid getting knocked off balance during your day.

6/11-13…This weekend, make sure to get enough sleep and plan for some naps. Neptune turns retrograde on Monday, which means it’s a good time to tune into your inner guidance, for meditation, artistic and creative endeavors. Our soul is yearning for some nonlinear, unplanned, right brain activities. This can be very renewing for our spirits. Be careful of overdoing with any drugs (alcohol or otherwise), as we are typically more sensitive and open during Neptunian times.

6/14-15…The sun makes a nice aspect to Uranus, bringing a synergy of energies/opportunities for a fresh, new approach. You may be amazed at all of the ground you covered during the past two weeks, emotionally and mentally. Take a step back to tap into the larger system you are a part of to get a new perspective.

5/17-31: Breaking the Waves

May 20th, 2016

waves breaking“Fate whispers to the warrior ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’, the warrior whispers back ‘I am the storm.’ ” – unknown quote

Overview: Expect some strong feelings to emerge during the next two weeks. These emotions are indicators and help us to discern where we stand. Direct any feistiness to building your own vision versus aiming it anyone else or current circumstances. With strong earth and fire energy astrologically in the sky right now, we can feel like we are about to burst with wanting to move forward yet at the same time feel a level of inertia and stuckness. Any discussions that have been going on for a number of months/years will most likely come to a breaking/decision point. One way to work with these energies versus against them is to think of it like setting down good roots for growth that will occur in the future. If you are feeling impatient about anything, focus elsewhere in your life in order to release any pent up energy and get a more long-term perspective.

5/17-18…In the ramp up to the full moon, our plates are probably pretty full, especially towards the end of the week. This a great time to finish projects you’ve already started and to not read too much into the news of the day as more will be revealed, especially after Mercury goes direct on 5/22.

5/19-21…Full Moon in Sagittarius…we may be tempted respond strongly to a situation with the feistiness in the air. The trouble is, with Mars and Mercury retrograde, we don’t have all the information we need to stand behind our actions. When we are attached to being right about something, we close ourselves off from being open to outcomes.  Now is a good time to be open and not attached to outcomes with all that is transpiring  behind the scenes.

5/22-23…The sun opposing Mars paired with Mercury going direct highlights some deeper dynamics and desires that we may have been unaware of. Misunderstandings could result in a clash of wills, so if that’s the case take a break to cool off before pushing for a resolution. Buy yourself some time in any current negotiations.

5/24-26…Jupiter and Saturn square off in the sky, the final aspect in a three part series (the first two were 8/3/15 and 3/23/16). This is one of the biggest transits of this year. Basically, there is a dynamic tension between our expectations/dreams and what we currently experience in our reality. This doesn’t mean that anyone has done anything wrong or that you should be overly hard on yourself as this tension is always there. It’s just that right now it’s particularly strong and loud in our awareness. The trick is to be open for a path forward to emerge that honors both our wildest dreams and expectations as well as our current reality. Will there be a compromise? Yes. Will you become more resilient as a result? Yes again. Spend some time aligning yourself with what you want, versus taking an overly problem-solving approach. This is not about giving up on any dreams but rather further anchoring them in the current reality so that they have room to grow and expand.

5/27-28…Mars heads back into Scorpio on its retrograde journey. It first entered Scorpio in early January, so think back to how you launched 2016 and the intentions you set for the year. Where might you realign your energies? This Mars retrograde has highlighted some strong contrasts which undoubtedly creates tension, especially when paired with Saturn square Jupiter. The trick is to not push against this tension. Instead, allow it to springboard you to what you want to create. With Mercury now direct it’s a good time to readjust our focus on what is working and what we want to build upon.

5/29-31…Use the holiday to take a break and soothe your senses after what may have been a busy couple of weeks.

5/1-16: Finishing Strong

April 27th, 2016

baby turtle

Overview: The first two weeks of May bring some welcome shifts and changes. Whatever seeds we planted earlier in the year are taking root and stabilizing into their growth. Finishing strong is favored by the retrograde energy of Mercury and Mars as well as the Taurus new moon on 5/6. Use the practicality in the air along with the expansion to boost your spirits on anything that you want to complete or move to the next phase.

5/1-2…Pisces energy helps us to connect with our divine nature and transcend personal differences. We get intuitive information from the dream time when we are able to relax into the knowingness versus using our logic to analyze and break things apart. The Sun makes a nice aspect to Neptune to kick off the month, reminding us of the power of our imagination and our deep connection to the eternal, expanding nature of the cosmos.

5/3-4…The moon moving into Aries and the Sun making a nice trine to Jupiter stir us into action and into some inspired possibilities. Apply this energy to endeavors that you launched prior to the end of April for the best results.

5/5-7…New Moon in Taurus…This new moon is part of a wonderful earth trine with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo, which brings in some fortifying energy. When we are willing to simplify and take the next best step, we greatly honor the mindfulness and calm strength available to us with Venus, Moon, Sun, and Mercury in Taurus. Taurus isn’t interested in a heady analysis which can lead us away from we know in our bones. Earth energy likes to build things and see practical, useful results. Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius may highlight where our ideals and expectations are not matching up with our current reality. That’s ok: this dynamic tension between the current state and future state helps to fuel our evolution and expansion.

5/8-10…Think back to anything you started in early January. Perhaps dust off any intentions you set for the year and see where you can you can celebrate your progress and make any adjustments. Jupiter goes direct on 5/9, giving our energy and confidence a big boost. This is great energy for brainstorming and visioning as we tend to feel a stronger connection to our incredible ability to create in all aspects of our lives. Take the helm of your ship and chart your course.

5/11-12…Some helpful information emerges from past communications. Pay attention to the messages that you come across that may have some good guidance for you.

5/13-14…5/13 is a good day for negotiation/collaboration. We do still have significant retrograde energy in the air with Mercury and Mars, so working on things that you already started versus jumping into something new is the best option. Practice healthy discernment on 5/14 as you sort through your experiences of the past week.

5/15-16…Remember to hold any communication hiccups gently and with humor. There is quite a bit of flux in the coming week with the full moon on 5/21 (more on that in the next forecast), so hold any storylines about what’s happening gently and with humor as well. More will definitely be revealed in the coming week. Come back to your own energetic alignment and get clear in your intention if you find yourself overly concerned with what’s going on with others around you.


4/16-30: It’s Nothing Personal

April 14th, 2016

eye-of-horus-triOverview: The focus is on relationships and resources for the last two weeks of April. This theme continues through most of May as well, so we’ve got some time to sort through these dynamics and experiences and do some clean up as necessary. We have two inner planets going retrograde, Mars on 4/17 and Mercury on 4/28.  Keep top of mind that there is WAY more going on to current situations than what we see above the surface, and much more information will be revealed.  Mars Rx is finishing off a two-year cycle, so think back to 2014. What did you start then that is coming to completion/ready for the next phase? Rx is shorthand for retrograde and also used as a symbol for prescriptions in the medical community. There are also theories that it evolved from the Eye of Horus (see image for this forecast), an ancient symbol associated with healing powers, health, and protection. A key part of navigating retrograde periods effectively is to pay attention to inner journey more than what is going on with external events. This can be a very healing period if we reduce the pressure on ourselves for external results. Those results will come from our inner alignment, especially with the nice earth trines we have at play, but they require patience and an indirect approach for the next several weeks. 

4/16-17…This weekend we celebrate Mars going retrograde, so honor urges you have to take action on any projects or activities that you’ve been meaning to get to for a while. It will be retrograde until the end of June, so we have some time. If you find yourself feeling frustrated about a particular issue/situation in your life, back off of it. A direct approach is typically not favored during a Mars Retrograde period, so get creative about indirectly influencing things. Pay attention to the messages your impulses to action as well anger have for you, and consider waiting longer than usual to see if what you want to do is in alignment with your core self. 

4/18-19…Think back to mid-September 2015. What structure in your life were you contemplating changing or shifting? How has your perspective shifted since then? There are some relationship patterns that need an upgrade, so be honest with others about current dynamics if they aren’t working for you. 

4/20-21…Full Moon in Scorpio…Every spring the Scorpio full moon, which takes place sometime between 4/19-5/20 (approximately), stirs up deep, strong feelings and longings. Sometimes we can distract ourselves or avoid something altogether…not so with a Scorpio full moon. We feel the truth in our bones and cannot ignore how we truly feel. This full moon, in particular, brings some needed shifts and changes in our relationships. It also brings a grand trine of Mercury, Pluto, and Jupiter in earth signs, which points to some helpful pragmatism that will help us anchor the transformations that are occurring in useful ways. This full moon comes just a few days after Mars turned retrograde, which means it is helping us to unearth any subconscious/unconscious dynamics that we may need to tend to during the Mars Rx period. 

4/22-23…Happy Earth Day! This year Venus in Aries joins Uranus in the sky, which has us feeling courageous and possibly constrained in our relationships. Don’t just define what you don’t want or don’t like. Take the next step to see what trail you can blaze to create what you do want. This configuration favors action, so consider doing some volunteering on behalf of the planet with some like-minded souls. 

4/24-25…The moon in Sagittarius encourages us to get outside and get out of our normal routine. See where you can infuse some adventure into your day. 

4/26-28…Mercury goes retrograde on 4/28, making for some communication mischief. It will be retrograde through 5/22, so the next 3 weeks it is especially important to take your time and not take anything personally. It’s not a good idea to try to power through any obstacles, as you’ll probably create more problems than if you took your time and let the dust settle before acting. As a culture, we like to go fast. This retrograde period is highlighting where we may want to enjoy the journey more and definitely cultivate our sense of humor. This is a great time to finish things that you’ve already started and also a great time for healing work and journalling. Our inner voice is typically strong and clearer during Mercury retrograde. Cut yourself and others some slack, and know that there is a trickster behind any mishaps that is hoping we’ll take ourselves a little less seriously and take our lives a little less personally. 

4/29-30…The month rounds out with the planet Venus entering her home sign of Taurus which is yet another indicator of taking your time and allowing nature to run its course. Venus in Taurus delights in our senses and feeling pleasure in our bodies. Cook a delicious meal, spend time in nature or get a massage to honor this energy. 


4/1-15: Realignment

April 14th, 2016

Overview: One helpful aspect of astrology is that it helps us track cycles; cycles that move in spirals versus straight lines. While we may track a 5-year plan or celebrate decades, there are other cycles to be aware of and align our energies with. This month brings the ending of a two-year cycle and the start of a new one with the Mars Retrograde (4/17-6/29). This cycle happens every two years; so think back to 2014 for clues as to what healthy endings may be in store for you. The name of the game with Mars retrograde is realignment. What we resist persists, as the saying goes. When we push against something, it often has the effect of making it bigger in our awareness and daily experiences. This retrograde period is an excellent time to do some clean up and reconfiguring around our focus and course of action.

4/1-3…The moon in Aquarius has us focused on our freedom, or possibly the lack thereof. See where you can nurture more of the unconventional and innovative in your approach.

4/4-5…Patience is needed to see what will stand the test of time out of where we are currently expending our energy. The Sun makes a nice aspect to Saturn, anchoring our efforts in a long term, sustainable approach.

4/6-7…New Moon in Aries…This new moon may have us feeling very restless. Tap into the inner courage you feel. The Uranus emphasis reminds us to be true to our path. Pay attention to what is exciting to you right now. We may need to reduce, reuse, recycle anything that is cluttering our physical and emotional space. If you feel like your windows are dirty, metaphorically speaking, take the time to wash them before you make any assumptions about what you currently see. One sure sign of dirty windows is being overly hard on yourself and/or comparing yourself to others. In what ways can you step back and release the mental clutter that does not resonate with your inner knowing? Saturn makes a nice aspect to this new moon, allowing us to make some long-lasting changes to important structures in our lives.

4/8-10…The Uranus influence continues in the weekend, emphasizing the importance of being true to ourselves and celebrating our independence. We may have more energy than usual and it may be helpful to get some physical exercise to blow off some steam and ground yourself. Allow yourself the freedom to choose how you spend your time versus doing something you feel like you have to do, as that could result in an overabundance of frustration (this probably isn’t the weekend to do your taxes, but if you must Sunday is a better bet than Saturday).

4/11-13…Pay attention to what emerges from your dreams and intuition, as some new information is available to integrate into our consciousness.  Engage your left brain with music, color, and symbolism and decrease distractions to harness the power and healing effect of your inner knowing.

4/14-15…The week closes out on the heels of Mars turning retrograde this weekend. More on that in my next forecast, but for now, pay attention to strong desires and/or anger that comes up. Mars usually wants us to be courageous and take action. When it goes retrograde, however, the path forward may not be clear. We are being asked to realign our energies and finish what we’ve already started so we can more fully move into the next cycle once Mars goes direct. Channel any anger/frustration into stronger boundaries for yourself and tying up loose ends versus launching something new.

3/17-31: Unfolding

March 14th, 2016

unfolding fabricOverview: The last two weeks of March include the 2nd of the two spring eclipses this year. The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on 3/23 will highlight some important polarities we may be experiencing. The Yin and the Yang of our lives and our experiences offer a dynamic energy that can be difficult for our linear mind to understand and make sense of.  If you think of it more like an evolutionary spiral, where we revisit places we have been in the past with new awareness, it may be easier to see the levels of integration and synthesis you are incorporating into the different levels of your being. As a culture we are encouraged to overly focus on what’s wrong with ourselves, our bodies, our relationships, our politics, etc. Allow yourself to lean into what you do want, what inspires you. There is so much more going on than what we see on the surface of things. As we round out March and move into April, we’ll be called to focus more on aligning our external energies with our deeper intentions.

3/17-18…With the recent Jupiter trine Neptune aspect still in effect, find ways to infuse yourself with whatever you find pleasurable and joyful. Spoil yourself with experiences that expand your awareness and sense of possibility. Here’s a quote from the book the Art of Possibility for inspiration: “In the measurement world, you set a goal and strive for it. In the universe of possibility, you set the context and let life unfold.”

3/19-20…Happy first day of spring! The Sun moves into Aries on 3/19 and Venus conjuncts Neptune on 3/20. This makes for inspired, compassionate action. Aries is a trailblazer energy, ready to break new ground. The Venus/Neptune energy adds a fluidity and compassion to elevate our actions for a larger purpose that is guided by our interdependence with each other.

3/21-23…Lunar Eclipse in Libra…This eclipse promises to bring up some important conversations and negotiations for us to consider. The trouble is, with the ruler, Venus, conjunct Neptune in Pisces, we may not feel that clear and be prone to overwhelm. The antidote is the Aries energy of clear self-definition and purpose. Aries teaches us about assertiveness and speaking up for our desires. If voices of self-doubt creep up, don’t listen to them. Go general, and give yourself and others the benefit of the doubt. Saturn helps us to know who we are, at our core, and what we are good at over the long term. Commit to your path, and release any comparisons to what other people are doing. We may need to better hone what activities and relationships are truly supportive of where we want to go and those activities/connections that we are holding onto out of habit.

3/24-25… Think back to late July/early August. What were you working on then, and how have your goals and plans shifted since then? Take stock of what has occurred and how your key alliances have changed. Our relationships shift with our changing priorities, and those shifts are a natural part of our growth and expansion. With the aspects to Venus it is very important to take full responsibility for our own happiness. Don’t give away your personal power to someone else or a situation. We can spend a lot of energy wishing for other people to be different when we may be better off increasing our self-love.

3/26-27…This weekend offers some opportunities for integration and synthesis of the changes in the air. Move your body and get outside to allow your energy to get grounded and release any stress/anxiety/mind spin that may have crept into the picture.

3/28-29…Utilize the inspiration and optimism in the air to see the possibilities that have been freed up by recent shifts.

3/30-31…Some information emerges from the unconscious. It may be surprising and tempting to jump to conclusions. Know that there is most likely a level of complexity that is not immediately apparent with whatever the one-liner story is. The challenge is to not react immediately, to allow there to be some space around any words that may carry a charge.

3/1-16: Dissolving

February 25th, 2016
Overview: The month of March brings in the spring winds of change with two eclipses (3/8 and 3/23). If there is a particular area of your life that you would like to transform, this energy will be helpful to release that which isn’t serving you. It may be more of a dissolution, with all the Pisces energy in the first half of the month. It’s important to stay grounded in your energy field so that you don’t get wrapped up in someone else’s trip as there will be quite a lot in flux. We all come into this existence with the ability to choose our own adventure, so attend to your attention and what fills you with excitement and it will naturally lead you to release/dissolve any energy you have outgrown.
3/1-2…Some unlikely alliances may help us to better focus on our goals and desired outcomes. Pay attention to whoever crosses your path and be open to what they have to say.
3/3-4…Our words carry some extra weight. If you find you are on not on the same page with someone, do what you can to slow down the interaction to allow the more creative part of your brain to engage in the dialogue.
3/5-6…The Sun’s aspects to Saturn and Pluto shine a light on where we need to clarify and further focus our efforts. This helps us define our personal standards and not take on any structures or rules from others without some critical thinking and creativity.
3/7-8…Solar Eclipse in Pisces…Pisces the mystic asks us to take a radical stance of compassion for whatever experience we are having.  Eclipses are powerful portals that accelerate the process of the unconscious becoming conscious. Because of the heavy emphasis in Pisces, the process can feel like a bit of a trust walk. This energy operates by dissolving boundaries and illusions. Utilize any spiritual practices that help you remember the universal connection that we all share. Spending time by a body of water is highly recommended to tap into the space and fluidity. Let your mind relax so that your intuition can rise to the surface. Saturn’s aspects to this eclipse point to a structure in our life that is dissolving right now. Remember to have faith in yourself and your abilities to have a creative response to whatever energy you come across. Pay attention to dreams you are having as they may contain some key messages.
3/9-10…use these two days to gather your energy. Be mindful of who you share your story with about whatever occurred for you with the eclipse as these words carry a lot of meaning and we may be feeling a bit vulnerable.
3/11-12…The moon’s entrance into Taurus and Venus launching its journey through Pisces has us focusing on soothing our senses. Enjoy whatever evidence you see of the shifting of the seasons. Recharge your spirit with music, art, and nature.
3/13-14…We are in a conversational mood. Be aware of any relationship dynamics that are ripe for an update. Instead of analyzing what’s wrong, see if you can feel into the relationship dynamic that you want to create. Focus on the words that you are using so that you can have the desired impact. We always have options if one approach doesn’t work. Don’t be afraid to try something new.
3/15-16…Be open to tapping into a whole new level of synergy as Jupiter trines Pluto. Our visions and aspirations are lining up with our personal power in a lovely way. Enjoy and savor this feeling.

2/16-29: Clear and Clean

February 25th, 2016

Overview: The end of February offers us an opportunity to get clear and clean in our energy field. Use the discernment in the air to sift and sort your experiences. the Virgo/Pisces axis is highlighted, especially with the Full moon on 2/22. Sometimes to realign with our integrity we have to cleanse and clear distractions and critical judgment. These two weeks are a good time to do just this as March brings a more unpredictable energy with two eclipses. The spring energy of growth and change will be upon us soon, so use the end of February to clear your field of distractions as you focus squarely on what brings you excitement and adds value to your life.

2/17-18…Our emotions have some important messages for us. Pay attention to where you may need to tend to your own well-being versus overly concern yourself with someone else.

2/19-20…The moon in Leo brings out the playful and bold in us. Let your creative desires run wild. Leo favors self-expression and grand gestures. If you are keeping yourself too small in any area of your life, this energy will highlight any place that needs a boost.

2/21-22…Full Moon in Virgo…Virgo energy helps us to be impeccable in our words. Utilize this energy for healthy discernment into your current commitments. Where do you feel useful and able to add value? So often our happiness is linked to the impact we perceive that we are having, when in fact we may not be the best judge of that for ourselves by undervaluing or downplaying our contributions. See if you are using busyness as a cover up for any anxiety: it’s easy for the idea that we have to be busy all the time to start to color our identity and sense of self worth. Use the practicality of this full moon to see where a need to be active may be covering up some discomfort, and resolve to let your natural gifts and talents shine.

2/23-24… Use the energy from the Virgo full moon to fuel your efforts and resolve to change any daily routines that aren’t serving you.

2/25-26…Mercury the messenger makes some nice aspects to Saturn and Uranus. That, combined with an amiable Libra moon, make these a good couple of days for negotiations and important conversations.

2/27-28…This weekend carve out some time for reflection. The sun joins Neptune in the sky, which is a softening, surrendering energy. Our sensitivity, intuition, and sense of compassion are heightened, making these a great couple of days for spiritual and artistic pursuits.

2/29…The week launches with Venus making a nice aspect to Saturn, urging us to reach out to someone we look up to. Steadiness is typically an undervalued trait in relationships when it’s a key element of developing trust. Today, look for ways to appreciate steadiness in others and to offer your grounding support to them as well.

2/1-16: Participate

January 28th, 2016
Collage property of Felipe Posada / The Invisible Realm

Collage property of Felipe Posada / The Invisible Realm

Overview: If you have an important project you are trying to move forward, February is the month to launch during the first six months of 2016. The theme of the next two weeks is “participate,” which means it’s a good time to assess your engagement levels. Where are you “phoning it in” versus actively involved? No need to overthink it. Just watch to see what your energy is doing and where your attention is going. As the month goes on, put your energy into that which interests you profoundly.

2/1-2…Happy Candlemas/Groundhog Day/Imbolc! Early February has been an important time of ritual for thousands of years in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks early spring, when we are halfway between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox in March. Where do you feel called to purify and release? What are you bringing the light of awareness to as the seasons turn?

2/3-4…Connect in to your super power and core strengths. So often we define ourselves by what we are lacking, try celebrating what you really excel at.

2/5-6…We may bump up against some core relationship stories. Pay attention to your partnerships. Where do you feel called to commit in an even deeper way? What patterns are you willing to release to experience more love in your life? Allow your connections to evolve and transform with the light of consciousness.

2/7-8…New Moon in Aquarius…This new moon kicks off the year of the monkey in Chinese astrology, which is an energy that is always on the move. Expect some quick shifts, and utilize your versatility to adapt and shift with the changing currents. Aquarius is the liberator of the zodiac, so go forth and release/change that which does not accurately reflect you. Be an active participant in creating the future you want.

2/9-10…Reach out to those who understand you well for support, and be willing to offer a pep talk if requested. Our spirits are in need of a lift, and the universe just may conspire to give us one. Be on the look out for opportunities to celebrate the power of love and connection.

2/11-12…The end of the week has feeling feisty and ready for action. Where do you need to take a risk, extend beyond the comfort zone? Look for ways to take an inspired step forward on a project that may have been stalled or delayed by last month’s mercury retrograde period.

2/13-14…Happy heart day. Empathy is an important and sometimes overlooked quality of the heart chakra. The level of empathy in our lives correlates to our ability to give and receive love, regardless of whether we are single or attached. The moon in Taurus reminds us to get into our senses and bodies. Take some screen time breaks to allow yourself to recalibrate.

2/15-16…The week starts out with some interesting stories and conversations. Be an ever watchful observer of patterns and ideas that emerge.

1/18-31: Increasing Self-Love

January 18th, 2016

kids self portraitOverview: The full moon on 1/23 in Leo highlights where we need to tend to our internal fires of creativity. If you find yourself calling someone else self-centered, consider that it might be a signal for you to get centered in your own personal expression and desires. Ultimately, we only have control over ourselves and our experience. Care more about yourself and your feelings than what anybody else is doing. Getting grounded in our own experience and sense of compassion will lead to right action. Don’t expect someone who is running at a different vibration than you to understand and appreciate you and what you are doing. Seek to fill the need for understanding and appreciation from those that “get you” versus those that don’t. Mercury continues its retrograde journey until 1/25, so amidst any communication hiccups and delays, we need to remember to keep our sense of humor and slow down if need be.

1/18…Mars makes a nice trine to Neptune, providing more flow between our individual desires and action and the universal field of consciousness. Our emotions and intuition are available to lovingly guide us.

1/19-20…The moon entering Gemini and the sun entering Aquarius bring in some air energy, allowing us to circulate ideas and to utilize our logic and intellect. As Mercury is still retrograde, you may find the best results in reflecting, reviewing, and research versus launching anything new.

1/21-23…Full Moon in Leo…Leo energy asks us to take risks of the heart. What are you wanting? What does your inner child yearn for? If you have a story around not knowing what you want, challenge yourself to come up with some simple things that you want, perhaps a particular food or connecting with a specific person. If you ever get caught in a loop of identifying what you don’t want, this is a good time to use that info to creatively flush out the opposite, which is some version of what you do want. Our words carry a lot of power right now, and we may find ourselves having obsessive thoughts about a current situation. We have to be wary of jumping to conclusions, however we may be ready to finally let go of some recent energy so that it can transform and fuel our creative process. Where might you want to share more of your personal story and express yourself?

1/24-25…Mercury goes direct, ending its retrograde cycle. The past three weeks have offered us an opportunity to review and reflect. Often just slowing down if you experience communication or technological challenges can help restore your sense of centeredness. Be sure to double check details of your schedule and/or travel logistics if anything doesn’t seem quite right.

1/26-27…The moon in Virgo helps us to get grounded in healing routines. If you’ve been putting off a detail-oriented project, consider taking the time to work on it during these two days.

1/28-29…Our intense thoughts of last week resurface. Use the objectivity and fair mindedness of the moon’s passage through Libra to help counter any ideas that are overly task oriented. Remember to focus more on what you want to create versus getting too bogged down in what is.

1/30-31…1/30 is a great evening for an inspiring performance or a romantic night out. Our hearts are seeking some transcendence and magic to renew and recharge our spirits. 1/31…some surprising info comes our way. Be wary of jumping to conclusions of what it means long term, as more info will most likely be revealed.